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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Great Day

Going for a walk through Downtown Chicago
Last weekend I had a condo inspection smack dab in the middle of the downtown area on State street and found myself paying $29.00 for parking at a parking facility.
I felt robbed to pay so much but since after three hours you are at the daily rate anyway , I thought why not take this as an opportunity to go for a stroll.
So often my job takes me down this way , and as soon as I am done inspecting I,m off back on I-94 to get back doing my report.
In this case the electric was not on and the report was not going to be burdon some.
I will be going back again to finish looking at the electrical panel along with the appliances , fixtures and anything else that needs electricity to inspect.
Lucky for my client I offer a free final walk through and will not be charging to go back.
 Anyway it was a rare 61 degree day in January and the atmosphere was charged with all kinds of people walking around enjoying the spring like weather.
There were street performers all over the place , and the unusual site of people ice skating under the millennium bean.
So here are a few pics I would like to share.


2:49 pm 

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old lines are exposed
rare to see the guts of what once was
cement poured for footing
No they are not two different colors
some of the dark gravel is just wet
material is brought down
tube is hooked to convyer on truck
Note;truck in back ground
cut utilities first
note:drop encapsulated
Hope they cut the gas!
Watch the neighbors
Land owner checks progress
Note: service mast for electric on left

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