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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

four million homes
According to the Chicago Tribune there are 4 million homes sitting on the market waiting to be sold with even more being put on every day , due to foreclosure.
What this means is that when I find defects and report on them , you have every reason in the world to have the owner take care of them.
Seller's in todays market are not in much of a position to tell you to take a walk if you don't like it.
Illinois has disclosure laws , but how do you prove they knew about any defects discovered at the property.
In most cases you can't , but once I go through a place they know about them and need to do something about it.
You have every right to an inspection and if someone tells you it is not needed they are hiding something.                                                                                                                    
12:15 pm 

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving
I just would like to wish all a good Holiday filled with happiness.
 Please try not to get sick on to much Turkey.
Though I may violate that plea myself.
Wish me luck as NACHI is having a contest to pick the winners of today's NFL games.
The ties all go to point total.
I have picked high to see if I can get lucky with anything over.
Picks are Green Bay,Dallas, and Indy.
Took a total of 152 points for all games point total.

Remember to enjoy your family while you can.
If you are alone , at least get out somewhere and make calls to those you care about , as this is the perfect excuse to make up.
10:05 am 

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old lines are exposed
rare to see the guts of what once was
cement poured for footing
No they are not two different colors
some of the dark gravel is just wet
material is brought down
tube is hooked to convyer on truck
Note;truck in back ground
cut utilities first
note:drop encapsulated
Hope they cut the gas!
Watch the neighbors
Land owner checks progress
Note: service mast for electric on left

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