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Friday, April 27, 2007

For more pictures and a live disscussion with all of the National Association of Home Inspectors just click on my Build A House link at the navigation bar on top.
You will find these guys extremly informative on any questions you have about your home or the one you are about to buy.
1:50 pm 

Friday, April 20, 2007

The next step
Well it looks like things are progressing at a good clip.
They dug a hole in the ground.
So the next step is to start the beggining of a structure.
They will need some way to support the gigantic amount of weight for this thing.
What they do is pour cement for what are refered to as footings,which will heip spread out the great weight of the future home onto a wider area.
This also shows you the size of the home,or footprint if you will.How important do you think is it to be level.?
What do you think that gravel is for?
Why do you see two differant colors?
2:27 pm 

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Build a house

Hi... today I begin something different one of my neighbors has bought the home across the street in order to tear it down and build new.
This began last week and I thought I would begin taking photos for my own  personal documentation, but it occurred to me this be a perfect opportunity to share and educate anyone who has an interest in seeing how a home is built from the ground up.

Personally I do not know of any website that has ever done this before so perhaps it will be the first.  If you have seen any other website attempt this please let me know I have not found it.
I welcome clients, real estate professionals, home inspectors, contractors and anyone who is interested in helping to create captions for these photos and discuss what they see in order to educate others to please contact me or go to my act of rain site and sign up so that you can join in the discussion.

I will run the Active Rain blogs concurrently with this one in order to make it easier for people to contribute.

Just go to the right side of my website and click on the active rain link in order to join.  More than likely I will be setting up a link on top in order for you to be able to veiw everything.

If you are not familiar with the active rain it is at present 26,000 real estate professionals joining together to form groups forums blogs and question and answer sessions for the public.
1:27 pm 

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Condo Inspection

Hi...today I would not like to discuss anything regarding the actual work I do while inspecting a condo but rather what makes it different from a home inspection and what you as my potential client should do before you call me if there is time.
  Preferably  before signing a purchase contract if you feel there is time you should contact your lawyer or a real estate agent and find out how you can get a copy of the condo association's minutes.  This way you can look it over and see what other owners are complaining about.
For instance if somebody is complaining about the roof leaking.  You may want to check into whether or not the association has a reserve fund set aside to pay for things such as this meaning possibly a new roof or repairs to the old one.  Any responsible condo association will have a reserve fund based on a reserve study that usually covers approximately 5 years.  The last thing you want to do is move into a building going to have an emergency assessment billed to your unit.  So before you can give me a call please take my words here to heart.  And for anybody including a real estate agent who tells you you don't need an inspection on a condo, do yourself a favor and runto another  agent.
Anyone who says you don't need an inspection on a condo is crazy, or does not realize condo prices have gone up proportionally higher over the last several years than home prices.  Sure in many cases I am inspecting less due to the fact that the association should be taking care of the common areas which by the way I will comment on at my discretion due to the fact that I work for you and not a commission.
Everything between those walls you own and are responsible for from a health safety and financial standpoint.  If you know everything there is to know about electrical safety, plumbing, appliances, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, Windows, decking, with the list going on and on then sure go-ahead spend your $300,000 on a condo  and save a couple hundred bucks on the inspection.  But first consider all the other fees associated with buying and realize that the price of an inspection is almost nothing compared to everything you have to gain.

If everything is kosher and I assume you have been given seven to 10 days after the signing of the purchase contract to have the units inspected and any problems found during the inspection either taken care of by the present owner or price re-negotiated in order to have these problems taken care of after taking over the unit.  Anyway that is all for today hope some of this information helped you.

If you are new to owning congratulate I you on a wise investment.
8:26 pm 

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why I have three sites:.

For any new visitors are those not familiar with me ,I would  like to start out by explaining why I have three websites with different names.  Last summer when I decided I needed a web presence due to the fact I would like to stand as an  independent inspector and not rely on referrals from real estate agents.  No I do not have anything against agents I even considered becoming one as most of my life people have told me I belonged in real estate.  I even went so far as to enroll in a real estate school ,just never took the test.  If an agent refers me sure I love it, however to truly enjoy this profession that I love I need to feel free to work totally for my client and no one else.  Anyway back to the subject, Chicago property inspection was my first site and I thought it was a good solid name.  I took this site to to the fact that my last name was not available as a.com.

I soon discovered that all my calls relating to building and condo inspection with nothing regarding home.  Now back around the holidays I did a search and found my name available once again so I immediately jumped on it.  Meanwhile while checking the billing of my bank statement I realized I had also purchased the domain Chicagoland home inspection and had totally forgotten about it.

Instead of getting rid of it I thought this would be a great opportunity to start a blog and give advice to people purchasing or selling real estate from the home inspection side of it.

I look forward to seeing if there is any reaction or any help that I can give people for me this is fun as the profession I have chosen and will stay with this the rest of my life.  Everyday I look forward to coming back to my computer so that I can learn more about this job by educating myself on this wealth of Knowledge we call the internet , and communicate with people on the forums and NOW my website blog
10:49 pm 

Friday, April 13, 2007

My new site
If you are going thru the process of buying a home or even if you are selling but are curious about just what it is we do ,look for ,or how a home inspector affects the Real estate transaction,and take away the mystery behind it all.
What do we look for:

How do you prepare:

Can suddenly fixing things affect the report:

What makes a home more attractive;

How should you use the report:

Do you want certain people to see it:

Who do you trust:

The agent said she or he had a good home inspector for you,do you call them:
6:28 pm 

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old lines are exposed
rare to see the guts of what once was
cement poured for footing
No they are not two different colors
some of the dark gravel is just wet
material is brought down
tube is hooked to convyer on truck
Note;truck in back ground
cut utilities first
note:drop encapsulated
Hope they cut the gas!
Watch the neighbors
Land owner checks progress
Note: service mast for electric on left

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